Tiny House Woo!

Parts 1-3 are here:

Phase 1, Prototype & Testing

Phase 2, The Build

Phase 3, Tiny House Living!



This has been fun: I didn’t know how to do half of the stuff required, but I did a little research or reading and followed the instructions. Nothing is complicated here, just common sense. Honestly, I spent basically 3 weeks cutting and taping foam blocks into place. I found a couple themes as I was doing this project: 1. it’s not very hard to make building a tiny house fun. 2. The more you build, the better you get at doing it. Have you ever wanted to fix an old house but don’t want to loose $ or be chained to something? No better way to try than build a tiny house first. 3. The build experience will give you confidence. 4. Do your research, read the instructions, and things will go well for you. Example: Our local hardware store doesn’t sell the right tape for the foam blocks – learned that by reading the web site of the foam manufacturer. Pretty much everything I didn’t know was available with some minor web searching. 5. Anyone who will let you build a house in their backyard is a saint. 6. It’s a good deal. Even going 100% over budget on my materials my house will still payoff in 4 years.

January: Hot water’s in, working on a homemade HRV when I’ve got time. Recently had a slight issue with some cold weather vs. the black water storage tank. Not installing tank level sensors also might have been a bad idea. At any rate, passive heating on the black water tank is only good down to around 25f w/ wind. Which is actually pretty good considering. Haha the burner melted it in less than an hour, looks like a little insulation is in order!

Lol. Oops.

Lol. Oops.