Author: Collin

What I really need is a Washer Dryer combo.

  No big deal right? But wait a minute. Hold up. It’s only 110v. Some reviews say it takes 6 HOURS to dry a load! That won’t do. I can do better. …. To understand the final outcome, it’s important to know that I’ve been fascinated with washing machines for a long time:   […]

Organization!? What!?

Well, until now there has not been a juicy group of cohesive tiny house pictures – only a smattering throughout the build log. I present, the current overview page: Hooray! Seriously, check it out, it’s cool. And it’s completely duplicated below ’cause nobody’s going to click the link. Tiny House Overview:  I’ve been sketching […]

Tiny House Woo!

Parts 1-3 are here: Phase 1, Prototype & Testing Phase 2, The Build Phase 3, Tiny House Living!   This has been fun: I didn’t know how to do half of the stuff required, but I did a little research or reading and followed the instructions. Nothing is complicated here, just common sense. Honestly, I […]

Phase 3: Tiny House Living!

Mid Nov- Not a whole lot of progress on the trailer itself in the last week or so, That’s ok, it’s very livable! Brewed a beer with friends and have been setting up the office and computers to get ready to do some computer programming projects that have been on the list for literally years, […]

Phase 2, The Build

Version 0.42 mid Sept. Planning. Lots of it. Still living in trailer. What do I need to have fun, not die, & fix stuff? Everything else goes. I’ve noticed it’s totally in-vogue right now to focus on how good throwing things out feels. You know what sucks? Not having something when you need it. I’m […]

Phase 1, Prototype & Testing:

Here we go: Aside: Most of this phase I spent windsurfing, only working on the trailer a couple days per week. Full of crap, just back from N.Y.   Screw that, let’s go sail. version 0.1 Mid/Late June 2015. Been dreaming of this for years: having my own space! Had no insulation and was just […]